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Because marketing is constantly changing, it tends to be misunderstood or overwhelming.

Even in today’s digital world, it’s amazing how many times we hear, “I don’t need social media or content marketing; all of my business comes from word-of-mouth marketing.” While we wouldn’t be surprised if most of your business is coming from referrals, one truth is abundantly clear:

Your online presence and digital marketing strategy are critical elements during the research, evaluation, and selection phases of your sales cycle, regardless if the lead is a referral or complete stranger.

Sapphire Strategy is focused on helping B2B businesses utilize their online presences effectively to attract, educate, nurture, and sell to their desired target markets throughout the sales process.

Using our proprietary model and processes, we guide businesses through the marketing lifecycle to help them understand the facets of marketing, identify the opportunities, and implement custom strategies to drive more conversions.

B2B Buyer Journey

The B2B buyer journey has completely evolved with the advent of technology and digital communications, and it is made up of three phases: research, evaluation, and final selection. 67% of the journey is now done digitally according to Sirius Decisions, comprised of online research and communication to vet vendors or service providers. After the list has been shortened and vetted, the second phase is the evaluation stage where prospects are ready to more seriously engage with your sales or business development representatives. The last stage of the B2B buyer journey is the final selection phase, where the company that provides the most value and best experience will win.
Online Research & Communication
Final Selection

Marketing Services

Sapphire Strategy offers a full range of marketing services to B2B businesses. Whether you’re looking for a “CMO for hire” or an agency to work as an extension or your marketing team, Sapphire Strategy can help guide your business through the marketing lifecycle and create tailored and measured marketing campaigns.

Marketing Strategy for Small and mid-size businesses
Marketing Strategy
Every business needs a strategic plan for marketing communications. Let us guide you through the marketing lifecycle, helping you create and execute a strategy for owned, earned, paid, and shared media.
Content Marketing Services
Content Marketing
Your subject matter expertise is a large part of what influences prospects during the sales cycle. Content marketing done right is touting your expertise through a robust, custom content library.
Infographic design services Indianapolis
65% of people are visual learners; your prospects are, too. Using infographics to tell a story or to communicate information can be more effective than other types of content marketing. Here's why.
Branding and Voice Profiles
Brand & Messaging
Your brand has an aesthetic and a personality just like a person does. Creating and defining the logo, messaging, and brand standards are critical to protecting the reputation you've built for your company.
Social media agency Indianapolis
Social Media
Social media gives brands the opportunity to start a conversation with people and brands online. The opportunities are endless on how to use social media to support your sales and marketing process.
Marketing Automation Technology Selection
Tech Selection
Many businesses are overwhelmed by trying to decide which tools they should select to support their sales efforts. Let someone who has worked with over 200+ marketing technologies help you decide.
Website agency Indianapolis
Website Conversion
Your website isn't just a brochure; it's one of your prospects' most useful tools during the research phase of the sales cycle. Is your website up-to-date, responsive, and optimized for visitors?
Marketing Team Training and development
Team Development
Whether you need ongoing assistance or a full-day workshop, we can provide team development and training for any marketing service we provide. Learn more about our team training and workshops.