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Marketing companies are a dime a dozen, but by utilizing comprehensive data, experience-backed intuition, and strategic creativity, Sapphire Strategy is positioned to provide a variety of digital marketing services with a different approach than traditional agencies.

The way we view it, all components of effective marketing are connected like the facets of a gem. When cut correctly, these facets create beautiful optical effects. As each facet interacts with light and one another, the gem sparkles. Like the facets of a gem, the components of your marketing—website, branding, messaging, content, and overall strategy—are not mutually exclusive. At Sapphire Strategy, we recognize the complexities of marketing, take action where is needed, and help our clients shine!

With so many marketing agencies out there… why work with us? One of our greatest differentiators is our proprietary Sapphire Marketing Lifecycle Model, a model that guides brands through each step of the marketing lifecycle to help them audit their current practices, identify what’s working, and create and implement effective strategies based on this information.

Our mission is to optimize marketing performance for nonprofit organizations, technology companies, and service-based businesses to help them generate more returns for their online presence. We also help increase the ROI on marketing spending by providing meaningful consultation and implementation of customized marketing strategies. A Sapphire represents wisdom and intuition—the same attributes our clients have come to expect from us.

Accomplishing our mission means the work we do for our clients impacts the economies they serve. Sapphire is dedicated to those who live and work in our communities, and we know our clients are, too. We believe a strong marketing strategy can help your organization grow and scale—thus rippling out to your local community.

What better way to make an impact than to grow your economy, bring in revenue, and create job opportunities?

At Sapphire Strategy, we serve our communities and clients by:

  • Building meaningful partnerships
  • Ethically managing our business and relationships
  • Connecting others with potential clients, partners, or beneficial contacts
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Our Values


We always strive for performance excellence and continuous improvement to produce high-value work that propels our clients forward.


We believe success comes from a balanced, collaborative effort internally and alongside clients.


We value the reliability and personal responsibility of our team members and company to honor our commitments to clients and each other.


We conduct our business honestly, ethically, and responsibly, holding ourselves to high standards.


We recognize that honesty and openness build trust and strong relationships with our clients.