Brand Creation

Make Your Brand Memorable

How are you supposed to stand out in a world that continues to expand?

Sapphire Strategy can help you make your brand memorable, whether you’re starting from scratch or revisiting an established brand.

Branding is not just pretty fonts or fluffy marketing language; it truly represents your business and how people feel about it at the end of the day. Brand guidelines are a crucial part of laying a foundation for your marketing efforts, setting the stage for how your external-facing content should be formatted, as well as inspiring your team for content and messaging produced.

Building your brand’s aesthetic includes factors like:

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Color Palette

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Iconography / Imagery

Before we start building out a brand guide that outlines everything needed for the brand—fonts, colors, imagery, logo, and how to use each of them—we need to establish what your brand means to you and your customer and how to visually portray that across all your platforms.

“At the end of the day, the aesthetic brand needs to visually represent not only your core values but also resonate with the type of business and industry you’re supporting.”

– Jenn Lisak Golding

Start with a Story

Think about what you want your customer to think and feel when they look at your brand, instead of solely what you want it to be upfront. You may have a certain visual presence in mind, but there are significant, specific details to pay attention to that influence how your customer perceives your business.

Sapphire can help you build a brand strategy that creates a meaningful story that’s memorable and resonates with your customers.

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