Kylie Haulk-Yasin

Graphic Design Lead + Manager

Enneagram Type: 4

Favorite Gemstone: Jade (huge lover of all things green)

Quote to live by: “So you plant your own garden and decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.” —Veronica Shoffstall

Favorite Workday Tunes: Preferably, silence unless it’s Christmas time…

Kylie Haulk-Yasin

Creativity requires unconventional thinking, and that’s where Kylie’s brain thrives. As Sapphire Strategy’s Graphic Design Lead + Manager, Kylie’s known for exploring every perspective and blending elements that don’t seemingly go together to uncover fresh, new solutions for our clients. In her role, Kylie creates various visual content to help client brands stand out and win over audiences.

Holding a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a Master of Science in Counseling in Education from Indiana University, Kylie developed her previous career around children. Through her experience, she leverages her adaptability and can quickly pivot to a new plan whenever necessary.

After embarking on a new career path, Kylie became Sapphire Strategy’s first employee and has been promoted from Creative Coordinator to Creative Specialist to her current role. As a designer, Kylie is most passionate about creating original color palettes for unique branding. What Kylie appreciates most about working at Sapphire is exercising her creative freedom, and being able to work at home with her hairless cats, Kolache and Taco!

The hot pink-haired creative is also an avid supporter of the arts, education, diversity, and equality. She actively participates in the Indianapolis art community as a supporter of GANGGANG—a local organization that activates the creative economy to center beauty, equity, and culture—through volunteering at BUTTER Fine Art Fair. 

Outside of work, Kylie runs a social media account with a large following for her two Sphynx cats and has met people all over the world in the Sphynx community. She enjoys photography (which, of course, includes the cats), acrylic painting, interior decorating, and being part of a large recovery community. She relishes in the local art scene and attends events like art fairs and First Fridays, collecting artwork from local talent. Kylie’s “ART + heart” philosophy has led her to a diverse career path, enjoying every creative opportunity along the way.