Courtney Gould

Content Marketing + Social Media Specialist

Enneagram Type: 5

Favorite Gemstone: Emerald (her birthstone)

Quote to live by: “Be you. You’ll be fine.” —Mac Miller

Favorite Workday Tunes: Hours of chill lofi beats… with a splash of Charli XCX! Balance is key.

Courtney Gould

As a writer at heart, it is no surprise that Courtney assumes the role of Content Marketing & Social Media Specialist for Sapphire Strategy. Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Indiana University, Courtney is focused on developing a strong branding strategy and compelling stories that highlight our clients’ unique capabilities. 

Courtney carries with her a wealth of curiosity, determination, and excitement to learn more, which translates into her writing. Courtney loves being a Sapphire for many reasons—including the flexible work schedule, creative team collaboration, and efforts in supporting local businesses and nonprofits in Indiana.

Creativity has always been a core component of Courtney’s personality. Previously, Courtney spent five years as a content writer for an online music blog, covering all things pop culture, industry news, music reviews, and trends. She is also a technically trained dancer, with over 20 years of dance experience under her belt.

In her free time, Courtney loves to rollerblade, practice yoga, and dance (of course)! On the weekends, there’s a good chance you’ll find Courtney at a concert or music festival. Whether she’s dancing in the crowd or working her part-time gig at a local venue, she thrives where there is live music.