Rachel Gillespie


Rachel has been fascinated with words for most of her life. She uses her adaptable voice to craft written content specific to each client’s wants and needs. As the Content Marketing Operations Manager, she dives into research so she can strategically create content calendars, blog posts, email campaigns, and other marketing materials for clients to increase their visibility and establish trust with their audiences.

She blends her knowledge from her dual Indiana University degrees in English and Communication & Culture to bring precisely written skills to her understanding of the current cultural landscape. After leaving Bloomington, she worked in the world of words as editorial assistants and interns for various publications before falling in love with the face-paced life of a marketing agency.

Outside of the office, Rachel surrounds herself with strong stories. As part of a local “Art Fight Club,” she workshops her personal written work and provides constructive feedback to other members. She enjoys anything with a good narrative or engaging characters. That includes books, podcasts, and especially movies.

Rachel Brown