Gabby Leavitt

Director of Operations + Project Management

Enneagram Type: 6

Favorite Gemstone: Opal

Quote to live by: “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” —Maya Angelou

Favorite Workday Tunes: Pretty much anything, although she gravitates toward classical or instrumental if she’s going heads down.

Gabby Leavitt

When in doubt, Gabby always has a plan! Gabby oversees the entire Sapphire Strategy team as Director of Operations + Project Management. Gabby has a track record of accelerated growth, evolving from our Project Assistant to Project Manager to her current role. She is highly skilled in project management, making her a pinnacle asset to the team.

Time management and organization are second nature to Gabby, making her quite the planner. She will always run through potential risks and plans to create the best outcome, plus her upbeat attitude makes her an excellent supporter of the team (aka Sapphire’s “unofficial cheerleader”). 

Gabby holds two degrees with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Criminal Justice. With a variety of interests, she has worked in many different niches—from contracts to accounting to research to politics—making her extremely adaptable. Through these experiences, she has mastered taking initiative and going after the goals she sets.

During her time at Sapphire, she has worked hard to create a team atmosphere that allows for each individual personality to shine through. Some of Gabby’s major perks of being a Sapphire include all the amazing professional development opportunities she has been provided with and being able to bring her dog to work!

When Gabby is out of the office, she enjoys photography, reading, hiking, and trying new experiences in Indy. She is also a proud volunteer of Dress for Success’ Stepping Out In Style Event.