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It takes an average of 5-7 brand impressions before someone will remember your brand according to Action Card.

This stat isn’t necessarily surprising as we’re introduced to so many new brands every day. But it’s not comforting if you’re a B2B marketer or a business owner who’s trying to make an impact in your industry.

How are you supposed to become more memorable in a world that continues to expand?

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Branding is an effective combination of recognizable aesthetics and a distinguishable personality. Companies who have mastered branding have personalized their businesses so well that people feel emotionally connected to them. They are happy when the company sees success, and they’re sad or angry when the company doesn’t live up to their brand values.

Branding is not just pretty fonts or fluffy marketing language; it truly represents your business and how people feel about it at the end of the day. If internal or external representatives don’t portray and represent it properly, it can have serious consequences.

According to Marketing Week, B2B customers are more than 2x as likely to consider a brand that shows personal value over business value, because they perceive little difference in the business value between suppliers.

Branding Services

Sapphire Strategy can help you make your brand memorable, whether you’re starting from scratch or revisiting an established brand.

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Logo Creation
Whether you'd like to revamp an old logo, create a new one, or start from scratch, we have a team of amazing designers who can bring your brand to life. Paired with an understanding behind the psychology of colors and different fonts to guide our decisions, we'll work with your team to think about color, font, and overall aesthetic choices. We'll help you create something memorable.
Voice & Branding Profile
Branding Profiles
Your mission, vision, goals, brand personality, writing style, etc. are a large part of how you're represented; your employees, partners, and PR/marketing professionals need to have standardized guidelines for all of these brand elements in order to ensure brand consistency. Our voice and branding profiles help you create and standardize those guidelines so you can protect your brand across all channels.
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