About Sapphire Strategy

Sapphire Strategy is an Indianapolis-based, woman-owned business. Inspired by the stories of local entrepreneurs and influenced by a family of business owners, Jenn Golding started Sapphire Strategy with one goal in mind: to deliver a unique offering in a saturated market. By utilizing comprehensive data, experience-backed intuition, and strategic creativity, Jenn and her team provide a variety of digital marketing services with a different approach than a traditional agency.

One of the biggest differentiators is the development of the Sapphire Lifecycle Model, a model that guides brands through each step of the marketing lifecycle to help them audit their current practices, identify what’s working, and create and implement effective strategies based on this information.

Regardless of approach, our goal will always be to build meaningful relationships with our clients and become a partner in success.


Sapphire Strategy’s mission is to provide B2B businesses with the consultation, strategies, and recommendations they need to optimize their marketing performance and increase the ROI on their marketing spend. We are dedicated to:

  • Building meaningful partnerships with our clients.
  • Creating and delivering quality products and services.
  • Being transparent about our process and recommendations.
  • Communicating on a regular basis to avoid confusion or misunderstandings.
  • Providing realistic deadlines and meeting them.
  • Ethically managing our business and relationships.
  • Connecting others with potential clients, partners, or beneficial contacts.
  • Living up to our word.
Jenn Lisak, President of Sapphire Strategy
Jenn Golding
President & CEO

As founder of Sapphire Strategy, Jenn Golding helps B2B brands win more customers and increase their marketing ROI. To that end, Jenn’s developed the Sapphire Lifecycle Model: an evidence-based blueprint and audit tool for optimum marketing performance.Sapphire is Jenn’s birthstone and, at times, her hair color. The gem represents wisdom and intuition — the same attributes clients have come to expect from her.

Previously, Jenn was vice president and partner of DK New Media — a role she earned at age 26. A frequent guest speaker at industry events, Jenn is also a recipient of the TechPoint Tech 25 Award, Killer Content Award, and IBJ’s 40 Under 40. Past clients include Angie’s List, ExactTarget, GoDaddy, and more.

Outside of work, Jenn’s volunteering includes leadership roles at NAWBO, 500 Circle, Indiana State Museum, King Park Development Corp., IndyHub, Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee, and more. A Butler graduate, Jenn is a recognizable contributor to Indiana’s digital marketing industry since 2010.

Jordan Nommay
Jordan Nommay
Creative Project Manager

Like juggling plates, herding cats or fire-fighting, Jordan’s oversight of deadlines, deliverables and quality keeps Sapphire efficient and laser-focused on client ROI. As Creative Project Manager, she ensures client projects progress smoothly, catching potential issues and opportunities early so clients get the best outcomes, as quickly and affordably as possible.

Previously, Jordan worked in sports and entertainment for more than a decade, starting in video production before transitioning to graphic design. Just before joining Sapphire, she helped create the brand, messaging, website and app for the U.S. Bank Stadium (home of the Minnesota Vikings) for its 2016 launch. A visual communicator with keen attention to detail, Jordan’s early experiences are an asset for brands looking to upgrade their digital presence, reputation and rapport.

An Indianapolis native, Jordan is now based in Minneapolis, where she’s pursuing certification as a yoga instructor and lending her expertise to rebrand her local yoga studio. She’s also a “mom” to Frankie and Howard, her beloved dogs.

Kylie Haulk Yasin
Kylie Haulk Yasin
Creative Coordinator

Creativity requires unconventional thinking, and that’s where Kylie thrives. As Sapphire Strategy’s Creative Coordinator, Kylie’s known for exploring every perspective and blending elements that don’t seemingly go together to uncover fresh, new solutions for B2B brands. In that role, Kylie creates written and visual content to help client brands stand out and win over audiences.

In her free time, Kylie continues to grow her technical design muscle as a member of the design guild coworking group at Apprenace. “Art,” she often says, “is intelligence having fun.” After a career pivot Kylie is freshly inspired to create art and develop her personal brand and style outside of work while doing the same for clients within work. She’s also an active member of Linking Indy Women, where local professional women share their stories and business experiences to propel each other forward. Kylie and her husband also attend many local creative events and consistently seek out ways to support diversity and equality in the Indianapolis and Carmel communities.

A former care coordinator for students navigating behavioral and emotional challenges, the fuschia-haired creative is also a proud stepmom and avid supporter of the arts, education, diversity and equality. Among the organizations she actively supports are Donors Choose, the PTO at Orchard Park Elementary in Carmel, and more.

Stephanie Eppich Daily

Stephanie Eppich Daily

Social Media Manager

Over the past decade, Stephanie’s earned a reputation for her ability to win over audiences with compelling content and experiences, both digitally and in person. As Social Media Manager for Sapphire Strategy, Stephanie applies storytelling and buyer behavior know-how to move her clients’ audiences to click, share, think, act.

Previously, Stephanie helped manage #Social46 social media efforts for the Super Bowl in Indianapolis, and helped brands across various industries achieve revenue goals. A Top 50 Indy Business Connector, she’s also managed sales teams across multiple states.

When she’s not making brands famous on social media, Stephanie serves as a wish granter for The Make-A-Wish Foundation and founder of Fatherless Daughters, a nonprofit she created to help women navigate the grief over losing their father.

In her downtime, Stephanie is a masterful cook (her steak is perfection) and a lifelong Green Bay Packers fan.